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Best WiFi Meat Thermometer with App: A Complete Guide

Best WiFi Meat Thermometer with App

Who would’ve thought that we’d be able to monitor cooking progress via mobile phones? It looks like the digital era won’t stop surprising us anytime soon. WiFi meat thermometers connect to your phone and allow you to move around while observing the meat you left in the oven. In this article, we’ll review the best WiFi meat thermometer with app, and we’ll even include a buyer’s guide for beginners!

The top 3 Best WiFi Meat Thermometers with App

Among all WiFi meat thermometers available on the market, only a few are noteworthy. Here, we’ll review the 3 best ones that come with applications.

NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

The NutriChef boasts an impressive Bluetooth connection range of 328 ft. You can walk around the block, and the connection would stay intact. It’ll also notify you when you get too far. As for the temperature range, it has a maximum of 482 F. Plus, the stainless steel cable can handle heat up to 716 F.

This cable is 47.2-inch long, so you can be rest assured that the thermometer is a safe distance away from the heat. As for the probes, the thermometer comes fully equipped with two of them, but you can add four extras if you’d like.

The NutriChef connects to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth. You can monitor the cooking progress through the application (for iOS), or application for Android users, and it’ll notify you when your meat is done.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel probes
  • High temperature range
  • The probes are safe to leave inside your oven


  • The probes become less accurate eventually

MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer

Meater was probably the first company to manufacture wireless thermometers. The manufacturers decided to cut the cord and create a thermometer that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. They also equipped it with Meater’s application for iOS users or check here for the official application for Android users to make it easier for you to monitor the cooking progress.

The Meater comes with a rechargeable probe, along with a charger box for it. The probe contains two sensors that read the temperature of your meat and send it back to the application. Additionally, there’s a user guide included within the purchase.

There’s a system called Meater LINK available that enables you to monitor the cooking through any device, as long it’s connected to the same WiFi network as your phone. Not only that, but there’s also a Meater CLOUD, which allows you to observe the progress via Windows and Mac browsers.


  • Top-notch build quality
  • The application is easy to use
  • Wireless probes


  • The charger runs on a battery, which might need frequent replacing

Inkbird WiFi Grill Thermometer IBBQ-4T

The Inkbird thermometer offers great value for money. You get a bunch of features that other brands will charge you the double for. Besides, you receive everything you need in the package, including a USB-C cable for charging, four probes, and two grill clips.

The two grill clips enable you to monitor two BBQ’s simultaneously, which is a rare feature in meat thermometers. Additionally, three out of the four probes are for the meat, while the remaining one is for the grill. The thermometer measures the ambient oven temperature, along with the meat’s temperature.

The rechargeable lithium battery will make your life easier; you won’t need to get replacements now and then. The convenience doesn’t stop here; the thermometer’s body is also waterproof to ensure maximum durability.

As for the connection, the Inkbird Pro supports multiple devices. However, it’s only compatible with iOS 13 devices and higher. Other than that, the application for iOS or the application for Android users that comes with it is highly versatile and easy to use.


  • Continuous monitoring ranges with minimal time intervals in-between
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • The magnetic body attaches to metal surfaces


  • The plastic unit only bears temperatures under 176 F

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Look for When Buying a WiFi Meat Thermometer

If you want to get the best WiFi meat thermometer out there, there are a couple of things you’ll want to look for. Here are the three most essential ones.

Why go digital?

I have used a conventional meat thermometer for quite some time now. It probably cost me a total of $10, or maybe even less. While it performs its function problem and hassle free I have to admit that there are a couple of issues I have with it.

1. Cleaning. It is supposed to be dishwasher safe. However, for some weird reason moisture gets trapped inside of the dial, which means that it needs some time to dry out after having it cleaned.

2. Accuracy. The thermometer itself is accurate-ish, as I have cross referenced the results with an infra-red thermometer. However, it only measures at a single point (where it’s stuck into the meat basically), so you will have no data from other parts. While this works with a smaller piece of meat, if you want to cook several pieces, or a large, perfectly marbled wagyu ribeye, then it would be beneficial to have mutliple probes.

3. Connectivity. There is no doubt that you’ll instantly see the benefits of the Best WiFi Meat Thermometer with App simply because you won’t need to walk over to your grill, oven, or BBQ to check the temperature. When you are slow cooking for 8 hours for example, you can easily chill in the living room and watch the intermal temperature of your food through your phone. Saves some hassle.

Best WiFi Meat Thermometer with App. Trapped moisture inside a conventional dialed meat thermometer might make it hard to read, as shown in this image.
Moisture trapped inside a conventional meat thermometer, and then the murkiness of your oven window. Not a good combo :/

Alarm & Notifications

If you want to enjoy your leisure time while your meat is cooking, you may want to consider a couple of smart features in your thermometer. For starters, push notifications are a nice feature because they constantly alert you. You’ll love them if you’re a bit forgetful. Trust me, you don’t want to be forgetful when you are cooking up some top of the line wagyu beef.

Moreover, a thermometer with an alarm will be useful if you don’t always have your phone on-hand. You’ll hear the beep if you’re nearby, so you’ll know when your meat is ready.


Meat thermometers are likely to be used outdoors. You won’t always be able to protect them from the rain. So, you might as well get one with efficient waterproofing, such as IPX4. That way, it’ll also be safe to clean with water.


The number of probes that come with your thermometer is essential to consider, so you know how much meat you’ll be able to cook at once. If you don’t cook large cuts, one or two probes will suffice. If you have a large family, these won’t be enough. You’ll need five or six probes then, so you’re able to measure the temperature of the whole cut.


The 100% accurate device is yet to be invented. There must be a margin of error, especially with sensitive measurements like temperature.

With meat thermometers, a 0.7-degree margin for error is okay. Budget-friendly devices will likely have higher margins, which will cause you to be on alert while cooking. If you get a thermometer with high accuracy, you’ll have gotten yourself peace of mind.

The Final Verdict

The best WiFi thermometer with an app on our list is the Meater Plus. It comes at a moderate price. Yet, its cordless design is highly convenient.

Plus, it offers a lot of facilities for a wide variety of devices. Not to mention that it comes with its own charger that runs on an AAA battery. The battery will need frequent replacements, but they won’t cost a lot. Or, you could buy some rechargeable batteries, and save your money and the environment!

No matter the thermometer that you’ll choose, we hope you cook yourself a delicious cut of meat!



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