What Breed Of Cow Is Wagyu? 4 Main Breeds Explained

What Breed Of Cow Is Wagyu?

Wagyu is a type of Japanese cow. The Wagyu cow is a unique breed unlike any other. What makes them so unique is the distinct appearance resulting in the most delicious distinct taste. A common misconception is that any steak labelled ‘Wagyu’ guarantees high quality. But, when it’s good, it’s really good. Richly threaded with … Read more

Is Wagyu Beef Australian?

Is Wagyu Beef Australian?

Despite Wagyu beef originating in Japan, there is a rising market for Australian Wagyu beef. Bred, fed, grown and processed at various ranches around Australia, Australian Wagyu often finds its origins from the Japanese regions of Tajima, Tottori, Shimane and Okayama. Whereas Japanese Wagyu can be guaranteed as 100% fullblood Wagyu thanks to the pure … Read more

What Is Akaushi Steak? Is It The Best Cut Ever?

What is Akaushi Steak

Akaushi steak is one of the most luxurious and sought after specialty steaks available. Originating in Japan, Akaushi steak comes from a breed of cattle that is often referred to as the “Emperor’s Breed”. Before 1994, Akaushi was only available in Japan but eight females and three males were shipped on an equipped Boeing 747 … Read more

What Tastes Better – Prime Rib or Ribeye?

What Tastes Better – Prime Rib or Ribeye?

Taste is an incredibly subjective thing. What you may find tasty may taste horrible to another person. With that being said, there are some key differences between prime rib and ribeye. But what tastes better – Prime Rib or Ribeye? If you would rather have a traditional kind of steak, you should certainly opt for … Read more

How Can I Defrost Steak Quickly? 3 Tips

How Can I Defrost Steak Quickly

When it’s time to eat that delicious steak, the last thing that you want is to be waiting around for a long time for it to defrost! Of course, it’s important to make sure that you defrost your steak properly when you take it out of the freezer so that you don’t damage your health. … Read more

Can You Cook Wagyu From Frozen?

Can You Cook Wagyu From Frozen

Wagyu is a term used to describe four breeds of cow in Japan: shorthorn, brown, black and polled. There are several rules and regulations surrounding Wagyu and, specific ways to store and cook it in order to get the best out of the often expensive meat. But can you cook Wagyu from frozen? The meat … Read more

How Long Should I Cook Wagyu Steak?

When you want to eat one of the best, most tender, mouth-watering, flavor-filled steaks in the world, the only meat that’s going to satiate that craving is a Wagyu steak. This Japanese beef has forged the sort of global reputation that has seen it climb to the top of the menus in the finest restaurants … Read more

How Long Can You Wet Age Steaks?

How long can you wet age steaks

Wet aging is a relatively new way of aging beef cuts. It has been made possible by the invention of refrigerators and plastic wraps. Not all cuts of beef are suitable for wet aging, as the tougher cuts do not really benefit from the process. But how long can you wet age steaks at home? … Read more

Does Wagyu Beef Have Fat?

Does Wagyu beef have fat

Yes, Wagyu beef does have fat. In fact, it has it in abundance, and this is one of the reasons why Wagyu beef is so popular. As any steak lover knows, the key to a good steak is marbling which is why Wagyu beef makes such excellent steaks. Wagyu beef has a very high fat … Read more