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What Is Akaushi Steak? Is It The Best Cut Ever?

What is Akaushi Steak

Akaushi steak is one of the most luxurious and sought after specialty steaks available. Originating in Japan, Akaushi steak comes from a breed of cattle that is often referred to as the “Emperor’s Breed”. Before 1994, Akaushi was only available in Japan but eight females and three males were shipped on an equipped Boeing 747 … Read more

How Much Is a A5 Wagyu Steak?

raw wagyu steak slices

It’s famous for its astronomical prices and insane marbling that makes the meat melt-in-your-mouth tender, but exactly how much is a A5 Wagyu steak? Read on for a drool-worthy look at the price of A5 Wagyu, plus some detailed information about the world’s most delectable Japanese steak. Editor’s note: As an Amazon Associate and Shareasale … Read more

What Is Country Fried Steak?

What Is Country Fried Steak?

An American classic, the country fried steak is a fine example of southern comfort food. Crispy, golden, and incredibly delicious, country-fried steak is something you simply have to try. That is of course if you haven’t already. However, country fried steak also brings some confusion, which might put people off making the dish or even … Read more

How To Defrost Steak

How To Defrost Steak

Knowing how to defrost steak the right way is all it takes to enjoy a delicious chunk of meat at dinner, rather than having to run to the bathroom constantly because you are suffering from food poisoning.  If you do not want to experience the latter, then it is time to listen up!  Having made … Read more

How To Make Beef Tallow

How To Make Beef Tallow

If you are looking for ways to use up the fat trimmings that you have leftover from the likes of brisket, or other areas from a cow, then beef tallow is a great option.  Not only is it super easy to make, but you can use it in place of butter and oil when cooking. … Read more

What Is A Denver Steak?

What Is A Denver Steak?

Did you know that there are 15 different popular types of steaks eaten in the United States? Hugely popular, versatile, and of course, extremely delicious, steak is a much-loved cut of meat that offers a lot. One of the most popular, and one that continues to grow in popularity is the Denver steak. Relatively tender, … Read more

What Is Coulotte Steak?

What is Coulette Steak?

While the most popular types of steak such as the T-bone and New York Strip taste pretty awesome if you’re not trying the lesser-known cuts of meat you’re seriously missing out. In fact, by branching out into other cuts of meat, you’re blessed with the best of both worlds. Not only are you greeted with … Read more

What Is Bavette Steak?

what is bavette steak

Bavette steak is a flat, highly flavored, loose textured cut of steak. It’s often called the “butcher’s cut”, because butchers used to save it for themselves! The name comes from French, who call it bavette, meaning “bib”. Bavettes are great in many recipes, especially fajitas, steak salad, steak enchilada, Asian steak stir-fry. This cut is … Read more

How To Tell If Steak Is Bad

how to tell if steak is bad

There’s nothing more exciting than a great steak. It’s something that many of us look forward to, especially if it has been saved for a special occasion. However, if your steak has gone bad, then the planned dish is less than appetizing. But the question is, how do you tell if steak is bad? This … Read more