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How Do You Cook A Wagyu Beef Roast

How Do you Cook A Wagyu Beef Roast

Wagyu beef can be rather expensive, so it’s important to ensure that a wagyu beef roast is cooked correctly the very first time.

The problem is that it can sometimes be rather challenging to perfect a wagyu beef roast. With that in mind, you may be wondering how do you cook a wagyu beef roast? 


First of all, here are a couple of tips for when you are cooking a wagyu beef roast. The cooking process actually starts when you store your wagyu beef. Storing your beef correctly can go a long way when it comes to preserving the taste.

You will usually find that if you have ordered the beef online it will be in a vacuum sealed and it may be a little bit frozen.

If you don’t plan on eating them immediately, the best choice is to put them in the freezer. You don’t want the meat getting freezer burn, since this can cause it to taste quite bad when you thaw it.

Now, when it comes to thawing the beef, you should allow it to thaw for roughly six hours in the fridge depending on the size of the beef.

If the meat is larger then you will need to thaw it for a longer duration of time. Then, get the beef out of the refrigerator roughly 30 minutes before cooking time. 

If you do this then you will find that the cooking is much more even, and you aren’t waiting for as long for the meat to cook. Once the meat has had time to chill a little, you can then season it using a little bit of salt and pepper, or any spices from the favorite spices list. 

Another thing that can dramatically improve the taste of your wagyu beef roast is searing the meat. If you do this, the meat will retain the moisture much more easily when it is cooking.

You can sear it in a cast iron pan that you’ve heated for roughly 1.5-2 minutes on both surfaces, and then turn it down to a moderate heat for a little while. Before you cook the beef you should also get a meat thermometer.

This is far more reliable than waiting on standard cooking times. Cook the beef until it reaches a temperature of around 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Cook a Wagyu Beef Roast

Now, how exactly do you cook a wagyu beef roast?

Start off by turning the oven on. You should put it at a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, leave some butter, rosemary, sage and pepper out at room temperature for a while, and then mix them all together.

Put your roast beef into a shallow roasting dish, and then rub the aforementioned mixture over your roast beef. You can experiment with the rub, of course – you don’t need to use this one in specific.

Make sure that you put plenty of salt over the roast in order to bring out the flavor. 

Once you have done this, you should then put the roast into the oven for around 20 minutes. After this, turn the oven down a little – 200 degrees Fahrenheit should work fine.

The beef needs to remain in the oven at this temperature for around 2 hours. You should get a medium rare result.

Once the beef is cooked, get it out of the oven. If you want it to be cooked for a little longer then you can leave it in for a while. Use your meat thermometer to ensure that it doesn’t cook for too long and dry out.

You will likely find that there’s a little bit of excess fat inside of the roasting tray. You can put this into a heat resistance container, then put it off to one side.

You can add any additional seasoning as needed, then slice up the roast before serving the wagyu beef roast. Before you serve the meat, it’s also best to allow it to rest. Allow it to sit in a warm location for roughly 15 to 20 minutes.

This means that the temperature will rise so it will cook it just a tiny bit more before you serve. The juices will also be more evenly distributed which can make the meat taste that much better.

How to Serve

When it’s time to serve, you can get some salsa verde, or some mushrooms and miso to really bring out the taste of the beef. You will usually find that a 13 pound steak should be able to feed around 6 to 12 people.

It’s a fairly easy meat to divide too, even when it has been frozen. This is thanks to the high fat content. Wagyu beef also tastes exceptionally good when it’s served with wine.

Wagyu beef can also taste incredible when it is cooked into a stew. If you intend to cook the wagyu into a stew, it may be best to make the stew the day before you plan on eating it. It tastes better that way! 

How Well Done Should a Wagyu Beef Roast Be?

The answer to this ultimately depends on the dish you are cooking and on your own personal preferences. For most people, Wagyu tastes best when it’s cooked to around mediums.

American Wagyu can taste fantastic when it’s medium rare, however. In general, if you have a thinner cut then it’s going to cook a lot faster.

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