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How Do You Grill Wagyu Steak?

How do you grill wagyu steak in 7 steps

Follow these simple instructions to help you grill the perfect Wagyu steak:

  1. Take meat out of the refrigerator 1 hour before cooking
  2. Preheat grill to 500°F
  3. Wipe steak dry and rub in salt and pepper
  4. Place steak on grill, close lid, and cook for 3 minutes
  5. Flip the steak over to the other side and cook for another 3 minutes
  6. Cook for longer if you like your steak more well done
  7. Remove from the grill and let the steak rest for 5 minutes before serving

The first thing you’ll want to do when grilling Wagyu steak is to take your meat out of the refrigerator an hour before you plan on cooking them.

Prep your gas or charcoal grill and let it warm up to around 500 degrees, which should take around 10-15 minutes depending on what kind of grill you have. 

As the grill is warming up, add a little bit of oil to the surface and start wiping down your wagyu steaks with a paper towel to remove the excess moisture.

Once it’s dry, rub in your salt, pepper, and any other steak seasoning you want into the meat and then place the steaks onto your grill slats and close the lid.

Cook the Wagyu with the lid closed for around 3-5 minutes and then flip them over and cook them for a further 3-5 minutes.

If you like your steak rare, then now would be the best time to remove them as steak will continue to cook even after they’ve been removed from the heat.

Cook for another 3 minutes if you like your steak medium-rare or another 6 minutes if you like your steak to be medium-well with a slight hint of pink in the middle. 

You could always use a meat thermometer to see the temperature of your steak, so you know exactly when it’s done to your liking and you won’t overcook it. Below are the meat temperatures for steak.

  • Rare – 125°F
  • Medium-rare – 135°F
  • Medium – 145°F
  • Medium-well – 150°F
  • Well Done – 160°F

Remove your steaks from the grill and place them on a chopping board and let it rest for 5 minutes before starting to serve. 

You can prepare the steaks on charcoal, gas, or even electric grills. If you are unsure about the latter, then check out our guides about the best electric grills.

How do you grill a Wagyu ribeye

  1. Apply a light layer of oil to the grill and preheat the grill to 500 degrees
  2. Season the steak on each side with salt and pepper
  3. Add steak to the grill, close the lid and cook for 5 minutes
  4. Flip the steak over, close the lid again and cook for another 5 minutes
  5. Remove the steak from the grill and let it rest for 10 minutes before cutting

The first step is to apply a light layer of oil to the grill before you preheat it, you can just add a couple of tablespoons or you can rub oil onto half an onion and rub the onion onto the grill (before it heats up) as this will remove excess bacteria and grime that is sitting on your grill. 

While you’re waiting for the grill to heat up to 500 degrees, rub salt and pepper into both sides of your Wagyu ribeye. Once the grill has preheated, add the steak to the grill, close the lid and leave it to cook for 5 minutes.

Then open up the lid, flip the steak over, close the lid again and leave it to cook for another 5 minutes.

If you like your steak cooked more well done then you could leave it to grill for longer, however, we recommend Wagyu ribeye to be served medium rare to medium to keep it juicy.

When your steak is cooked to how you like it, remove it from the grill and let it rest on a chopping board for 5 minutes before you begin cutting it to serve, this allows the juices to redistribute all over the steak.

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How to Cook Wagyu Beef On Grill
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Can you BBQ Wagyu beef?

Yes, you can BBQ Wagyu beef. 

How do you BBQ Wagyu steak?

If you’re going to cook your Wagyu steak on a BBQ, then your first step will be to remove your steaks out of the refrigerator before you begin cooking them as they shouldn’t be put on high heat straight from a cold environment.

You’ll want to get your BBQ going now so you can give it some time to heat up to the required temperature.

Then you’ll want to rub in the salt and pepper into your Wagyu steak to your desired taste. If the Wagyu is a thicker cut, then you might want to use a bit more salt than normal. Don’t forget to season the edges of your steaks.

We recommend using fine kosher salt for seasoning as it’ll absorb quickly into the meat before you begin cooking and give the steak a rich flavor. 

When the BBQ is heating up, place your steak down onto the surface, but not directly next to or on top of the flames, and then place the lid on, making sure the lid vents are open where the steaks are placed.

Once your internal temperature of the BBQ has reached 120 degrees, remove the steaks from the grill and let them rest for 10 minutes whilst you get the coals super hot. 

Then when it’s hot enough, place your streaks back onto the BBQ directly on top of the flames and sear the steak on each side for 30 seconds before removing them from the heat and letting them rest before serving. 

These New York Strip American Wagyu from Snake River Farms is our favorite to sear over a scorching hot BBQ, the marbling on the meat is just spectacular. 

What sauces should I cook my Wagyu beef in?

Many people choose to cook or serve their Wagyu beef with a red wine sauce or a chimichurri sauce, however, whatever suits your personal tastes will work fine. 



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