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The Best Sous Vide Container – 5 choices reviewed for you

The Best Sous Vide Container

Remember that fancy restaurant you went to and that steak that melted right into your mouth? Want to cook that for your guests and show them what a pro you are? Well, sous vide is the way to go!
We have reviewed 5 of The Best Sous Vide Container sold on, that will have your dishes worthy of a rare Gordon Ramsay praise. We might get a small commission if you click the links, keep that in mind.

Instant Slow Cooker Auro Pro

Love to get creative and try out a bunch of different dishes? This one’s for you!

Aside from the sous vide, you will also find Sear/sauté, bake, slow cook, steam, stew, and roast. In addition to making yogurt, rice, and multigrain programs. All that can be kicked off with a simple press of a button.


  • Has a removable stainless steel cooking pot. Spotless in no time
  • Has a ‘keep warm’ and ‘delay start’ buttons. No more cold dinners!


  • Price is over the top
  • Available only in one size; 8 quarts
  • Not very efficient in storing, although it’s not huge
  • Not really a sous-vide container, more like a full precision cooker

Lipavi Container

Family of 2? 4? 6? Love gatherings? No matter what, this one’s got you covered.

Make sure to check out the tailored lids sold with the containers, they fit snuggly with whichever circulator you have. They guarantee zero chance of evaporation, making the container just perfect for overnight cooking.

Also, keep in mind that the material, especially in small sizes, is thinner than we’d have liked, but it’s still very strong.


  • Available in four Sizes of 7, 12, 18 and 26 quarts
  • Functions with any immersion circulator you choose


  • Lids and racks aren’t included with the containers
  • With the lids and racks, the price is a bit costly

EVERIE Sous Vide Container

This is by far our favourite pick. You find it gives value for money. If you’d have to pick The Best Sous Vide Container, then this is as good as it can get.

It can be used as a sous vide cooker, but since it has a lid by default you won’t have to buy extra “sous-vide balls” or cover your container otherwise. For the price you get a rack to keep your food underwater and separated, and the container is compatible with Anova and many other precision cooker sticks.


  • Comes with a lid and a rack
  • It’s shatterproof and nontoxic
  • Can be used with many sous vide cookers


  • Putting the pieces together can be a little bit of a hassle

Rubbermaid Commercial Food Storage Container

Last but not least, the budget friendly one.


  • Allows for compact storing in your kitchen
  • Very durable material that will resist breakage
  • 2,4,6, 8,12,18 and 22 Qt. are all in stock
  • Compatible with a lid
  • Has measuring gradations helps you get the exact quantity you need
  • Dry food is kept fresh inside


  • Lids are sold separately

How to Choose the Best Sous Vide Container?

Still not sure which container is right for you? We’re here to the rescue!

First, do you already have your immersion circulator? If yes, then go for a container that will match with the circulator you own.

If not, then choose a container that will fit with any circulator, so you won’t face an issue of incompatibility later on.

Second, consider the size. A big size is practical for big families and gatherings. However, if you’re a small family, cooking your food in a large container will take too much time needlessly.

Finally, think of the other uses the container can provide for you. For instance, the instant pot will work for any method of cooking you want, not only sous vide. At the same time, many of the containers mentioned can be used to store food and keep it heated or fresh.

Why should you consider Sous vide cooking?

Looking for a healthy flavourful meal without all the hassle that comes with it? Look no further, sous vide ensures just that.

You don’t have to stay in the kitchen and keep watch on all the dishes being cooked. Once in the water, it is done. One less thing to worry about. 

Also, if you’re no chef and always worry that you might not get that same flawless result the next time, with sous vide that’s not the case. As long as you got the temperature and time right, you will get the juiciness you deserve. The Best Sous Vide Container might help you to achieve just that.

Since the food is secured in a sealed bag with all the marinade, it comes out rich in flavor and loses none of it.

No lid? No worries.

Sous vide without a lid will be a bit of a challenge. The water evaporation and heat loss won’t allow the water to reach the temperature needed for the food to cook.

What you can do is use sous vide water balls, or just ping pong balls. A bunch of these balls will act as a replacement to the lid reducing the water evaporation by 90%

A plastic wrapper will also do the trick, however, it is only practical the first time around. If you try to remove one side to check on your food, it’ll get ripped, or won’t stick again.

The Best Sous Vide Container – Dangerous for health?

Now that we talked about your top sous vide container picks, let’s tackle the prominent worry about plastic containers.

All containers are made out of food grade polycarbonate which is FDA approved. This means that it’s concluded safe for food contact. Nevertheless, we should always keep in mind that the better the source we buy from, the safer the quality.

The Best Sous Vide container is not supposed to be toxic, and fortunately they are FDA approved

Can Sous Vide Kill Bacteria?

According to research, the process of vacuum sealing in sous vide slows aerobic bacterial growth. Which is why the food ends up being so delicious and full of nutrients. This matters, especially if you are cooking a premium piece of wagyu meat.

This is, in addition to the temperature control, which extends the shelf-life of food. This is achieved by eliminating the risk of recontamination, and reducing the loss of nutrients to the cooking medium.

Best Sous Vide Brands

1.   Anova culinary

You’ll find there everything you need for your sous vide. Starting with sous vide wands, containers, vacuum sealer, and lids, to mouth watering recipes, on the anova app. All in one place.

2.   VPCUK

As a company that specializes in sous vide cookers, vacuum sealer machines and air fryers only, it surely managed to stand out in what it manufactures.

3.   Rubbermaid Commercial Container

Rubbermaid Commercial Products has been a pioneer in world class products for 50 years. Its remarkable quality has stayed unwavering through the years, proving only better day by day.

Wrap Up

Our top pick is definitely the EVERIE Sous Vide Container for it’s considerably good price, and for being the full package, sold with its lid and rack! Not to mention, for always having our backs whether to store food, keep it heated or make the sous vide using any immersion wand!

If you’d like something extra budget friendly, you can go with the rubbermaid commercial container. You won’t be disappointed using it in your sous vide, or as a storage container, with its roomy and preserving qualities. Plus, you’ll surely find the exact size you need from the large variety available.

And if you need some inspo regarding what to cook, you might want to check out our article regarding the best sous vide cookbooks. Enjoy your meal!

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team

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