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What Is The Most Tender Steak? 7 Top Choices

The 7 most tender steaks

There’s nothing better than biting into a tender, mouthwatering, buttery steak. There are many different cuts of meat available, and if you’re unsure what you’re looking for, you could end up with a fairly tough piece of meat that isn’t as enjoyable to eat. 

When it comes to steak, you want a tender and soft cut, and while it is often more expensive, it is seriously worth it. 

This article is going to discuss some of the most tender steaks available. So, whether you’re ordering at a restaurant or a local butcher, this article will guide you on some of the best cuts you can choose. 

What Is Steak?

Before we dive into all the different types of steak, let’s discuss what steak actually is. Steak is meat that is cut from the connective tissue (wikipedia) and muscle fibers of an animal, such as a cow.

Some of this meat surrounds a bone, which is referred to as a bone-in steak, such as a T-bone. On the other hand, meat that doesn’t surround a bone is known as a boneless steak. 

When there is fat around this connective tissue, it is referred to as marbling, and when a steak is well-marbled, it boasts of flavor, making well-marbled steak a very popular option in restaurants.

What Is The Most Tender Steak?

Every steak lover has their own opinions over what is the best steak, but there are a few that are conventionally known for being the most tender. 

This article will now list some of these, but finding one that suits you best will involve you trying different cuts in order to find your favorite. 

Filet Mignon 

Filet Mignon is widely known as one of the most tender cuts of steak. This cut of meat is taken from the smaller part of the tenderloin of the cow.

It is a muscle that is used rarely, so the fibers are very fine, making it one of the most sought-after cuts of meat. It is known for being wonderfully tender, boasting a ‘melt in your mouth’ texture that steak enthusiasts love. You can try it yourself, by ordering Wagyu Filet Mignon from CrowdCow.

Flat Iron Steak 

Flat Iron Steak is also known as a top blade steak and comes from the shoulder area of the cow. Although this particular area of the cow is used often, the cut of meat is very tender, known as the second most tender after Filet Mignon. 

Aside from being tender, it also has a lovely marbling, adding a rich and delicious flavor, as well as soft tenderness. It is also a much more affordable cut of meat compared to other premium cuts, such as Filet Mignon. 

Top Sirloin Steak 

The top Sirloin is cut from the sirloin subprimal of the cow. There are two sections to this area, the top sirloin butt, and the bottom sirloin butt. 

The top portion of the subprimal is more tender, and this is where top sirloin cuts are from. While this area of the cow is more exercised, there is less fat, which means there is less marbling, and it is also less tender than a Filet Mignon.

What Is The Most Tender Steak?

However, aging maximizes the tenderness of this cut, and many restaurants will take this meat through a 21 to 28-day aging process in order for the meat to tenderize as much as possible. 

Teres Major Steak 

Teres Major is a cut that comes from the chuck section of the cow, which is right below the front leg. This area of the cow is subject to a lot of exercise, so the increased blood flow makes the meat have more flavor and complexity.

While more exercise makes for a tougher cut of meat, the teres major is just below the leg of the cow, so it maintains tenderness with the added benefit of flavor – the best of both worlds! 

Hanger Steak

Hanger steak comes from the muscle that supports the diaphragm. It hangs between the rib and the loin and due to the lack of movement, it is one of the most tender cuts of meat you can find

It is also known as the ‘butcher’s steak’ because butchers used to keep it for themselves as customers wouldn’t usually ask for it. It has a lovely beef flavor with a wonderful texture due to its tenderness. 

Rib-Eye Cap Steak 

The Ribeye steak is one of the most loved steaks in the steak world, but the rib-eye cap takes it to a whole new level. 

The rib-eye cap is taken from the outer muscle of the rib-eye roll, and is also known as the ‘butcher’s butter’. Don’t confuse it with prime rib though, there are some differences between prime rib and ribeye.

This cut is marbled to perfection and will melt in your mouth like butter. It is tender, juicy, and flavorful, making it one of the most prestigious cuts you’ll ever come across. You can buy some amazing Wagyu Ribeye Cap Steaks from CrowdCow.

Tips For Cooking A Tender Cut Of Steak 

Now that you know what cuts of steak are the most tender if you’re buying from a butcher in order to cook it yourself, here are a few tips. 

Always Choose High-Quality

You should always research your supplier before buying from them. If their meat isn’t of good quality, then even the cuts that are known for being tender will be tough. 

Cooking Time

When it comes to the tenderness of the meat, cooking time is very important. For example, skirt steak can be quite tough, but if it is cut thinly and cooked rare, you’ll find yourself with a wonderful tender steak. 


Some of the most tender steaks are not likely to need much seasoning, but tougher cuts can be made more tender with a helping hand of some flavor. Marinating some slightly tough meat in ginger and soy sauce can make for a delicious and tender steak! 

Final Thoughts 

This article has discussed some of the most tender cuts of meat you can find. While they are likely to be on the more pricey side, their ‘melt in your mouth’ texture and delicious flavor will be completely worth it once you try them. 

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